Today we are excited to launch the beta for Jam Wand -- with it, you can click on any text in your live website, edit it, and submit the change to GitHub to be merged into the code. It just launched in beta today, and you can sign up at

Jam Wand is the tool Irtefa and I wished we had when we were product managers at Cloudflare. We used to spend too much engineering time changing copy. We felt bad asking engineers for yet another copy change, and engineers felt bad because checking out yet another copy-fixes branch is time consuming and boring. It was a lose-lose.

We wished changing copy on a website was as easy as changing copy in a Google Doc. That was the goal for building Jam Wand.

With Jam Wand, any non-technical member of the team - without dealing with code or git - can make copy changes to their live website. It opens up pull requests to the codebase, so all engineers have to do is review and merge, and the copy change is live.

We know it’s cheesy, but we used to be PMs, we love building products and our dream is to help product teams work better together and build better products, faster.

We think collaborative teams where everyone can contribute what they do best -- where customer support can update in-product help text, marketing can update landing page copy, dev rel can update developer docs, sales can update CTA text, and so on, leads to better products - which makes teams happy, users happy, it is a win-win.

How Jam Wand has changed our workflow

We built the Jam Wand website using Jam Wand (I know, you are very surprised). But it actually changed our workflow -- we didn’t have to have copy ready for engineering before they built the site. Instead, an engineer created the website scaffold with some placeholder text, and then deployed it, and once it was live, I could go in and write in the copy, right from the live website.

A new way to build and maintain documentation

What we experienced at Cloudflare and what Jam users tell us, is that while all website copy is a challenge to update, developer documentation sites are a special challenge.

It’s too hard to suggest a fix to documentation (just explaining where the change should be in the docs site takes effort), and then to make the change, it has to be Jira-ed and scheduled into an engineering sprint. And so, many changes to docs that would improve the developer experience often aren’t made because there is too much overhead.

Jam transforms your developer documentation site into a collaborative workspace, like a Google Doc. And now, with Jam Wand, you can even change the copy right from the page, making it so that anyone can help improve your developer documentation. We’re excited for what that means for docs especially.

Can’t wait to hear what you think

You can sign up for the beta at

There’s a queue, but we want to prioritize bringing in people who care about collaboration and no-code workflows, who can help us shape the future of the product. You’ve read all the way to the end here, so it’s likely that’s you 😁 -- DM us @scoopsofjam your waitlist # and we will try to bring you in early!

And lastly - Jam Wand was built by Tomasz Cichociński, and designed by Gloria Li. Just wanted to give them a little shout here 🤩  go Tomasz and Gloria!