The TLDR: today we're launching our new company —! You can check it out and get early access at 👉 Or, read on 👇  to hear the story!

Product launches are messy. We felt this first hand as former product managers at Cloudflare. This is what our desktop looked like before every launch.

Right before shipping a new product, the feedback we got was all over the place! People would message us on slack, send emails with screenshots, create competing google sheets with feedback and sometimes people would even send us feedback over SMS.

Digesting, triaging and actioning these were hard. First of all, feedback was all over the place. Second, we usually had to have a back and forth to understand the context. And third, documenting the feedback in a way so that engineers can work on them, took a lot of time.

We asked ourselves, why isn’t there a google doc for building products? Why can’t you directly comment on the product that you are building?

So we built the tool we wish we had to make building products fast, smooth and fun - meet Jam!

Jam: Collaboratively work on your website right from the page

Jam is a new in-the-flow collaboration tool for product teams. It turns any product or website into a collaborative doc, letting teammates add comments and create tasks right from the product. Jam integrates with existing tools like Jira, GitHub, Figma, Loom and others so that teams can easily use all their tools without switching contexts to do work. We love this description from an early user —

We’re excited to announce our $3.5M seed round, led by USV and including some incredible funds - Version One, Box Group and Village Global. We’re also stoked to partner with angel investors who have themselves redefined the modern workplace - Jason Warner, the CTO of Github, Matthew Prince, the CEO of Cloudflare, Sahil Lavingia, the CEO of Gumroad, Andrew Miklas, the former CTO of PagerDuty, Jamie Wilkinson, the former CPO of Kickstarter, Josh Elman, on the board of all our favorite social apps like TikTok, Houseparty and Discord, and Dane Knecht and James Allworth, executives from the innovation and incubation team at Cloudflare - all founders and executives who have felt this problem firsthand.

A unique product for a unique time

Jam is a product started in this strange and unique time for the world. We met as colleagues on the product team at Cloudflare, and decided to quit our jobs and build Jam right as the world went into lockdown. I was in Berlin and Irtefa in Austin, so we have been working together remotely and raised our seed round entirely over Zoom. Our team is completely remote, with teammates in Atlanta, Wroclaw, and Belgrade. We’ve run all hiring, development, user onboarding and all fundraising remotely using tools like Slack, Loom, Notion and of course Jam.

Our customers love using Jam

Effective tools don’t have to be boring. We named the product as an ode to the numerous bug jams from our PM days, and of course, a shared love for jams, our favorites are raspberry jam and mango jam. We have been working with a small set of early customers since August, and are excited to be opening up broader access to our product today.

“As a developer focused product, the WorkOS team uses Jam to collaborate on all of our documentation pages, and love using it on mobile for quick changes. We’d love to move even more of our workflow to Jam eventually, it’s been immensely helpful,” said Michael Grinich, CEO of WorkOS and and an early Jam beta user.

The initial results of the beta have been promising, and our users love using Jam. We feel so thrilled to have built a product that our users are already telling us they can’t live without. Our team is all product builders, building for other builders. What our team is most proud of is that we have built a tool that helps other builders move faster, collaborate more easily, and enjoy their work more.

You can sign up to join our waitlist here, and tell us what you think on Twitter.